LED Lights Supply & Install


We can supply and install modern LED downlights that can be covered by insulation.


THE BENEFITS LED – IC-F lights have many great advantages such as:

  • Getting the most out of your new insulation batts with IC-F rated lights (Insulation Covered and Abutted rating)
  • Being a fully sealed light, dust and insects or direct air flow won’t pass in or out of your home’s living space
  • Less heat gain in summer and less heat loss in winter
  • Large reduction in energy use. For example, the LED is 13 watts, as opposed to the 50 watt halogen
  • Longer life span, with a life expectancy of 50,000 hours or 10 years
  • No need to change burnt out globes or transformers
  • Halogen lights create a fire risk and with the required large clearances in your insulation, having several lights can add up to a large area that is unable to be insulated
  • The high temperature of old halogen globes creates a fire hazard with the combustible material within roof spaces, such as timber beams, leaf matter, air conditioner ducting and cabling


    • A free no obligation consultation and quote
    • Removal of dust and debris
    • Removal of animal faeces and carcasses
    • Insulation removal and disposal
    • Offsite removal of any rubbish
    • Removal of old dangerous insulation
    • Roof cavity cleaning and dust removal with our specialised vacuum technology
    • Removal of pest and vermin debris



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